Domain name resolution is to point the domain name to the website space IP, so that people can directly visit the website through the domain name.

IP address is a digital address on the network to identify the site, in order to facilitate memory, the domain name to replace the IP address to identify the site address.

Domain name resolution is the process of translating domain names to IP addresses. Domain name resolution is done by DNS servers.

Note: CNAME does not support root domain resolution! Such as setting CNAME resolution is not allowed.

After the resolution because of different DNS cache refresh time, generally need 0~72 hours to take effect.

Commonly used host records:

WWW: The resolved domain name is

@ : empty host header, directly resolve the main domain name

* : Generic resolution, matching all other domains *

Of course, this site also supports batch parsing:

Note: If the system detects that multiple domain names registered by the user point to the offending website, stop all domain resolution under the account. After the resolution is stopped, the domain name can be registered normally, renewed or transferred out.